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What is truck dispatch service?

A truck dispatch services help truck drivers and owner operators who have their own trucking company manage the load booking and back-office processes of running a trucking company. Some dispatchers specialize only in booking loads, while others, like Genius Dispatch, offer a wide variety of services such as invoice management and detention requests.


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As truck dispatchers providing freight dispatching services, we take a low percentage of your rate. This is an incentive to negotiate high rates for you. The more money you make, the more money we make.

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Streamline Your Operations

Our Comprehensive FMCSA & DOT Compliance Solutions.

IFTA Reporting

Our IFTA preparation and filing services help trucking companies streamline the process of reporting and paying fuel taxes across multiple jurisdictions. We provide expert assistance with accurate calculation, preparation, and filing of IFTA reports while ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Trucking Permits

We provide expert assistance with obtaining trucking permits for trucking companies, including temporary permits and oversize/overweight permits. Our experienced team works quickly and accurately to ensure that you have the necessary permits to keep your trucks on the road, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Federal Compliance

Our federal and state compliance services offer expert guidance to trucking companies on meeting the complex regulatory requirements governing the transportation industry. We help ensure trucking companies are fully compliant with all applicable regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties, fines, and other consequences.


Driver Compliance

Our driver compliance services offer expert guidance to trucking companies on meeting regulatory requirements for driver qualifications, hours of service, drug and alcohol testing, and more. We work with trucking companies to develop customized compliance programs and minimize the risk of penalties, fines, and other consequences.


Whar Our Clients Say


Spartan Cargo LLC

I can’t say enough to express my positive experience with this dispatch service. With the challenges of expenses going through the roof these days, having support from a dedicated staff is very important.

Venados Logistics LLC

Excellent service that they provide in all aspects, Elisa who is my dispatch assigned always on the lookout for having the best paid loads, always waiting for me to be loaded and unloaded on time and also pending along with Jessica who always pays us the total on time of the load plus the extra charges that we have for lumper or detention.

National Brothers Inc

Our trucking company was in need of a dispatching company to dispatch our fleet of trucks and found Genius Dispatching in an article written about top dispatching companies. We have only worked with Genius for a short time but thus far, they have not disappointed. David and Jessica have both been readily available to answer questions our members have regarding their process.

Lopez Hauling Inc

Our company, Lopez Hauling, just started back in July of 2021 and Genius Dispatch has been with us since the beginning. They have been so helpful with us being a start up company and not knowing much about the industry to knowing where the money is and what we need to do to get it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our dispatch service works by clients submitting shipment details, which we then assign to suitable trucks from our fleet. We optimize routes, provide real-time tracking, and ensure seamless communication between clients and drivers for timely delivery

We dispatch reefers, flatbeds, and dry vans, ensuring we have the right equipment to handle a wide range of freight requirements. Whether you’re transporting temperature-sensitive goods, oversized cargo, or standard dry shipments, we have the resources and expertise to get your goods delivered safely and on time.

We cover North America, including the United States, Canada. Whether you need shipments transported locally, regionally, or across borders.